Tuesday, March 6, 2012

San Francisco Ink

This is a fantastic picture ink recently dug in the Bay Area. The picture is an eagle's head facing to the left. The embossing looks like a Western font to me. I didn't dig this but am posting a pic with the digger's permission. Embossing "Snow & Roos/eagle/San Francisco"


  1. Snow and Roos were dealers in artist supplies. The bottle contained paint, probably gold for "gilding" frames. The shape is a dead giveaway for a small paint bottle.

  2. Snow & Roos were publishers that held a famous art gallery in downtown San Francisco and put out many of the coveted 19th century birds eye views that so many of us have in our homes. What a historic piece, has anyone seen or heard of another ?

  3. My theory is that this bottle was a go with that was sold with bird's eye views (and other works) and contained glue for mounting the pieces of work.