Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Recently acquired this Western med, but know nothing about it. Anyone seen one before or have info on it? One side panel reads: ADA INJECTION The other: N&N CHEM. CO., S.F.  It's a tooled top with 768H on the base.


  1. It appears this bottle contained and STD medicine as that is what most injection "cures" did. Don't know much about it except it was likely made in 1907 or 1908 when the N & N Chemical Co. advertised the product - as a "cure" no less. And, you know what that means. The Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906 effectively eliminated the use of the word, so I doubt the company lasted very long.

  2. Hey, thanks for the info, Eric! I figured it was a later made bottle, but it's interesting how crude it is, with the pushed in side panel and crooked neck. It has the same character you would expect to see on a much earlier applied top Western med. You gotta love the stories behind some of these bottles--makes collecting them that much more interesting.

  3. Although the company's existence is documented in 1907 & '08, the base-mark suggests that is could be slightly earlier as well. As we now know, the H base-mark, combined with numbers, is attributed not to the non-existant Holt Glass Factory, but to Abramson Heunich. The H base mold marks was first used as early as 1902, when the ovens were fired off at the new factory that they built out on 15th St. and Folsom in "The City". Based on the 768 combination with the "H", it is a later bottle, assuming that the molds were numbered in numerical sequence instead of by class. That could put it as late as 1910, when the factory transferred into the hands of IPG Co.