Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fish's Infallible Hair Restorative Ad

Ad from the November 15, 1858 Sacramento Daily Union. Interesting to know who sold it locally.


  1. Hey Mike, thanks for all the information you've posted on here, I read all of it. I was wondering, as I haven't been able to find much, if you've seen much info on Fairchilds Barb Wire Oil? The only thing Ive see is a blurry picture of the bottle and an add on Fairchilds building which dated after 1903... Most people think the bottle is 1890's but Im think a short run life in the early 1900's? Possibly effected by the food and drug act? Idk...

    Thanks, Matt in P-ville

  2. the assumption that in 1858 this product is pre-N. Mills affiliation, and packaged in the earliest rectangular bottles made in the East? Then in 1864 the N.Mills blue cylinder type was introduced, as I have the trademark information referring to the " new bottle with N.Mills stamped in the glass". Then in or around 1867 the western blown rectangular aqua version. That seems to be the correct lineage. Dale M.