Monday, February 27, 2012

Western Bowman go with

I believe this is a wax sealer for sealing letters. From Bowman in Sackamenna, is it?
Don't think that's the Oakland address there in picture one. I know, this is pretty low end for most of the Western advanced collectors. Maybe someone's impressed. I got this for a pretty low bid.


  1. Very, very cool, never seen another one. It must of sat on Bowman's desk!

  2. Really nice go-with. I think it's Sacramento, doesn't it read Cor of J.& 3rd Sts. What say Dolcini?

  3. I had one of those some time ago. Most likely used to seal prescription packages and possibly letters. Nice find, Jason. I'm so POed at that flippin' fleaBay that I refuse to even go there. The A-holes removed one of my auctions and when I questioned the prissy little sh*t about it he told me that to sell such, an 1880s RR lock, I must provide a "certificate of authenticity". That was it for me, I lost it and told him to forget it in so many words. It seems that RR items can't be sold on their site since 11 Sept 2001. Something to do with Homeland Security.

  4. Dont even think about WW1 or WW2 German memorabilia on epay. Boy did I get an email lashing and the items pulled for listing some medals.
    Seems like this world is just too political correct for this old mountain boy.
    Better get ready to head to Chico for some bottles & brew.

  5. I plan to be there. Lonche at Sierra Nevada. Pizz on eBay!