Friday, June 17, 2011

Early SF Telephones

Look who could afford a phone in 1878. First SF telephone directory.


222 Sansome Street 211 Kearny Street 833 Sutter Street
965 Mission Street Twentieth and Mission Hayes and Laguna
California and Fillmore Powell and Union Butchertown
Telephones Rented and Lines Constructed


Names not preceded by stars are connected with the CENTRAL OFFICE SYSTEM and can be switched into private connection with each other.

Abrams & Carroll, Druggists. 3-5 Front
Anderson & Stratton, Tanners, Butchertown
Anthony G W & Co, Brokers, 102 Kearny
Anthony G W & Co, Brokers, 240 Kearny
"Arion Hall," Henry Grimm, Sutter & Kearny
Baker & Hamilton, Hdwe, 2d & Townsend
Baker & Hamilton, Hdwe, 7-19 Front
Baldwin Pharmacy, H B Slaven, Market & Powell
Ball & Julian, Occidental Wool Depot, bet 5th & 6th
Bank Wells Fargo & Co, Bankers, California & Sansome
Bank French Savings, Bankers, 411 Bush
Barnes W H L, Atty, 426 California
Bernard Chas, Coffee & Spice, 707 Sansome
Blake Geo M, Oils, 123 Cal
Blake Geo M, Oils, 1601 Van Ness
Board of Education, Col J A Laven, 30 Sacramento
Board of Education, Gen Ofc, Old City Hall
Board of Education, J W Taylor, 501 Market
Boyson Dr Thomas, Physician, 112 Kearny
Bradbury W B, Centennial Planing Mills, 556-572 Brannan
Brandenstein & Co, Butchers, 339 Kearny
Brandenstein & Co, Butchers, Butchertown
*Buckingham & Hecht, Boots & Shoes, 530 Market
*Buckingham & Hecht, Boots & Shoes, Haight & Gough
*Bulger Martin, Supt, P M S S Co, 31 Russ
*Bulger Martin, Supt, P M S S Co, Mail Dock
Cal Cracker Co, Bakers, 203 Sacramento
Cal Cracker Co, Bakers, Battery & Broadway
Cal Electrical Wks, Electricians, 134 Sutter
Cal Furniture Co, Furn, 222 Bush
Cal Furniture Co, Furn, 649 Market
Cal Paint Co, Paints, 27 Stevenson
Cal Paint Co, Paints, 329 Market
Cal Wool Depot, Jno F Knox, Townsend bet 5th & 6th
Cassimer J, "The Fountain", Sutter & Kearny
Centennial Planing Mills, W B Bradbury, 556-572 Brannan
Chief of Police, City Hall, Kearny St
Christy & Wise, Wool, 607 Front
*Chy Lung & Co, Chinese Mchts, 521 Kearny
*Chy Lung & Co, Chinese Mchts, 640 Sacramento
City Hall, Secy's Ofc, Market St
Club Stables, Livery, Taylor St
Code Elfelt & Co, Pkg & Canning, 125 Davis
Code Elfelt & Co, Pkg & Canning, 314 Washington
Coffin Sanderson & Cook, Brokers, 312 Pine
Crane & Brigham, Druggists, 520 Market
*Crittenden C S, Club Stables, Taylor St
*Crittenden C S, Dexter Stables, 221 Bush
Crocker H S & Co, Statnry, Sansome & Sac
Cutting & Co, Pkg & Canning, 17 Main
Day Thos, Gasfitter, 122 Sutter
Deming Plamer & Co, Flour Mills, 202 Davis
Dewey & Co, Publishers, 202 Sansome
Dewey & Co, Publishers, 414 Clay
*Dexter Stables, Liveyr, 221 Bush
Dry Dock Co, Dry Docks, Hunters Point
Dunphy & Hildreth, Butchers, 533 Kearny
Dunphy & Hildreth, Butchers, Butchertown
Eldridge, Oliver, Pres Dry Dock Co, 318 California
Engine House, Fire Dept, Post & Webster
Eureka Warehouse, A J Gove, Montgomery & Chestnut
Fashion Stables, Livery, Sutter St
Field, Stephen D, Electrician, 2319 California
"Fountain, The", Saloon, Sutter & Kearny
Gallagher, Thos J, Atty, 602 Commercial
Gamble, James, W U Tel Co, 300 Pine
Ghiradelli & Danzel, Coffee & Spice, 415 Jackson
Gilbert & Moore, Furn, 219 Bush
Gladding McBean & Co, Drain and Sewer Pipe, 1312 Market
Gladding McBean & Co, Drain and Sewer Pipe, 213 Market
Gove, A J, Eureka Whse, Chestnut & Montgomery
Grand Opera House, Theatre, Mission St
Grangers' Business Assn, Produce, 106 Davis
*Grun & Vogelsang, Saloon, 142 - 4th
*Grun & Vogelsang, Saloon, 215 - 3d
Guittard E & Co, Coffee & Spice, 205 Front
Guittard E & Co, Coffee & Spice, 405 Sansome
Hochkofler, R, Mdse Broker, 205 Front
Howes, E K & Co, Woodenware, 122 Front
Howes, E K & Co, Woodenware, 37 Main
Hunt, D D, Druggist, 5th & Folsom
Journal of Commerce, Publishers, Clay & Sansome
Kiel, F C, Druggist, 4th & Market
Knox, Jno F, Cal Wool Depot, Townsend bet 5th & 6th
Ladd Geo S, Pres G & S Tel Co, 222 Sansome
Ladd Geo S, Pres G & S Tel Co, 515 Van Ness
Lane Dr L C, Physician, 652 Mission
Lane Dr L C, Physician, Clay & Buchanan
Langley, Chas & Co, Druggists, Front & Pine
Liebenbaum & Co, Grocers, 1303 Polk
Liebenbaum & Co, Grocers, 529 Kearny
Lipnitz & Co, Druggists, 236 Sutter
Macondray & Co, Shipping & Comm, 204 Sansome
Mahe Gustave, Banker, 411 Bush
Maxwell Dr R T, Physician, 135 Kearny
Mayhew Earnest & Co, Grain, 302 Davis
McCall J G, Ry Agt, 15 New Montgomery
McCall J G, Ry Agt, 614 Washington
McCord & Malone, Fashion Stables, 16 Sutter
McDonald M J, Broker, 1096 Post
McDonald M J, Broker, 215 Sansome
McKinlay Jas, Pac Commercial Co, 28 Sacramento
McMenomy J H, Butcher, California & Market
Michelsen Brown & Co, Butchers, 308 Front
Michelsen Brown & Co, Butchers, Butchertown
Miller & Lux, Butchers, 533 Kearny
Miller & Lux, Butchers, Butchertown
Mills D O, Capitalist over London & S F Bank
Mining & Scientific Press, Dewey & Co, 202 Sansome
Murphy Horn & Byrne, Butchers, 533 Kearny
Murphy Horn & Byrne, Butchers, Butchertown
Newman Carlton, Prop Glass Wks, 1585 Folsom
Newton Bros & Co, Grocers, 204 California
Odd Fellows Assn, Odd Fellows Bldg, 325 Montgomery
Odd Fellows Cemetery, Cemetery
Oriental Bonded Warehouse, Pool & Harris, Bryant & 1st
Pacific Commercial Co, Coal, 28 Sacramento
Pacific Commercial Co, Coal, Sutter & Larkin
Pacific Commercial Co, Coal, Geary & Mason
*Pacific M S S Co, Transportation Mail Dock
Painter Emlen, Druggist, 11th & Mission
Painter Emlen, Druggist, Clay & Kearny
Palace Stables, Hacks & Coupes, 615 Howard
*Poheim J, Tailor, 103 - 3d
*Poheim J, Tailor, 202 Montgomery
Police Office, Chief of Police, City Hall
Poly Heilbron & Co, Butchers, 339 Kearny
Poly Heilbron & Co, Butchers, Butchertown
Pool & Harris, Oriental Whse, Bryant & 1st
Postoffice, Station C, Mission & 20th
Postoffice, Washington & Battery
*Quong Lee, Chinese Mcht, 408 Merchant
*Quong Lee, Chinese Mcht, 410 Kearny
*Quong Lee, Chinese Mcht, 828 Dupont
Redington & Co, Druggists, 529 Market
Richards C F & Co, Druggists, Clay & Sansome
S F & Pac Glass Wks, C Newman, King St
Sabin Jno I, Supt G & S Tel Co, 1812 Pierce
Sage L P, Warehouse, Battery & Union
Selig M, Butcher, 331 Kearny
Selig M, Butcher, Butchertown
Slaven H B, Druggist, Market & Powell
Stallard Dr J H, Physician, 37 Post
Sturm Victor H, S Cassimer & Co, 25th & S Jose Av
Tay Geo H & Co, Stoves & Tinware, 614 Battery
*Taylor Jno W, Gutta Percha, 501 Market
Taylor John & Co, Druggists Glassware, 512 Washington
Tevis Lloyd, Capitalist Bank of W F & Co
*Trumpour J P, Dentist, 2021 Mission
*Trumpour J P, Dentist, 401 1/2 Hayes
Underwriters' Fire Patrol, Ecker & Stevenson
United Carriage Co, Hacks & Coupes, Palace Hotel
United Carriage Co, Hacks & Coupes, Sutter & Levenworth
*United Workingmen, Boot & Shoe Co, 25th & Bartlett
*United Workingmen, Boot & Shoe Co, 416 Market
Verdenal D F, Mining Secy, 1525 Sutter
Verdenal D F, Mining Secy, 327 Pine
*Vermeil & Wellington, Hay & Grain, 4th & Berry
*Vermeil & Wellington, Hay & Grain, 608 - 4th
Waldstein A, Lithographer, King nr 3d
Waldstein A, Lithographer, Sacramento & Sansome
Wangenhim Sol, Pkg & Canning, 120 Davis
Wellman Peck & Co, Grocers 416 Front
Wells Fargo & Co's Bank, Bankers, California & Sansome
*West Coast Furniture Co, Furniture, 4th & Bryant
Western Union Tel Co, Pine & Montgomery
*White Capt Russell, 627 1/2 Howard
*White Capt Russell, Fire Patrol, Stevenson St
Whitney & Webster, Wool Whse, King St
Wiffgate J C, Oakland Express, 6 Sacramento
Willard G H, Broker, Safe Deposit Bldg
Williams Blanchard & Co, Agts P M S S Co, 218 California
*Wilson J Y, Prov Packers, 508 Market


  1. Interesting to see that many subscribers, considering this was the first year of the telephone in the West. The American Speaking Telephone Company was a subsidiary of Western Union and immediately came under fire by the Bell Company for patent infringement. Not a great start, as they lost the lawsuit to Bell by the following year.

    Also interesting to see SF & Pacific Glass works listed as a charter subscriber, being right there on the cutting edge of technology for their time.

  2. By my count there are 15 concerns listed with known embossed bottles and of course the Cal. Electric Works with embossed insulators.