Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Great Hair Producer The Crown of Science Prof. J.R. Tilton S.F. Cal

Here is another western hair/medicinal bottle in medium blue with darker blue swirls throughout. Someone recently asked about the bottle with a "professor's" name on it....I believe they were referring to this one? I picked this example up at the Morrow Bay Bottle Show this spring in a trade for a nice pontiled soda. It seems like I've been gravitating towards a few of the western meds lately.

Pictured next to a "Sole Agents Circle Cutter" (earliest variant) and a Dr. Renz's Herb Bitters (latest variant with the curved-legged R's).


  1. Yep, this is the one. Couldn't think of the "Professor's" name. Had a chance to pick up one of these years ago, but at the time it seemed to expensive for my finances. Now the prices have gone up considerably...

  2. Nice bottle ! Looks like it may have some darker striations in it too. Was just talkin about these last wk a few days before your post, while looking for a few missing pits at an old dig site two doors down from where I dug a Tilton's back in '81 or '82.

  3. I have dragged a few Tilton's from the SF dirt over the years, especially in the H.P. and W.A. areas. I can't recall ever breaking the bank with one, but they get a respectable few hundred dollars. Nice bottles that are often quite well made for the times. Like Dickey's, a few are cruder than most, with the striated ones like yours the most interesting. Very nice!