Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Great Hair Producer The Crown of Science Prof. J.R. Tilton S.F. Cal

Here is another western hair/medicinal bottle in medium blue with darker blue swirls throughout. Someone recently asked about the bottle with a "professor's" name on it....I believe they were referring to this one? I picked this example up at the Morrow Bay Bottle Show this spring in a trade for a nice pontiled soda. It seems like I've been gravitating towards a few of the western meds lately.

Pictured next to a "Sole Agents Circle Cutter" (earliest variant) and a Dr. Renz's Herb Bitters (latest variant with the curved-legged R's).


  1. Yep, this is the one. Couldn't think of the "Professor's" name. Had a chance to pick up one of these years ago, but at the time it seemed to expensive for my finances. Now the prices have gone up considerably...

  2. Killer bottles!

  3. Nice bottle ! Looks like it may have some darker striations in it too. Was just talkin about these last wk a few days before your post, while looking for a few missing pits at an old dig site two doors down from where I dug a Tilton's back in '81 or '82.

  4. I have dragged a few Tilton's from the SF dirt over the years, especially in the H.P. and W.A. areas. I can't recall ever breaking the bank with one, but they get a respectable few hundred dollars. Nice bottles that are often quite well made for the times. Like Dickey's, a few are cruder than most, with the striated ones like yours the most interesting. Very nice!