Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peachridge Glass - New Antique Bottle and Glass Web Site

Welcome to a preview of my new Antique Bottles and Glass web site called Peachridge Glass. Please check it out! It’s real simple.

Please review and respond as it is in a Test Mode. Thanks!!!



  1. Excellent job, Ferdinand! The insulator hobby has had a great collectors' site for several years now and I've only hoped someone would create a similar one-stop site for the bottle collecting community. I'm thinking that just happened! Keep up the good work, I can see this developing into something real big with the talents you have at hand. Thanks for your contributions to our hobby!

  2. Thanks Ferdinand,it has been added to my favorites !

  3. WOW!! What a great website! I got lost in there for several enjoyable hours.

    Thank you Ferdinand, for your dedication and the passion you bring to our hobby.

    Roger Terry

  4. Fantastic site, Ferdinand! Thanks for sharing! I'll pass it on to some other folks I know too.

  5. How about something new.

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