Tuesday, April 5, 2011


April 8/9 – Antioch, CA. Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society’s 45th Annual Bottle, Antiques & Collectibles Show and Sale Contra Costa Fairgrounds (Antioch) 1201 W 10th Street, Antioch, CA. Friday Early Buyers ( Noon – 6 pm ) Saturday ( 9 am – 3 pm ) GARY or DARLA ANTONE (925) 373-6758 Email: packrat49er@netscape.net

See ya there!


  1. Best Golden Gate show I've been to in recent memory. Heard of one exchange during early lookers where a boxload of Los Gatos druggists changed hands. Unreal, wish I'd been there first!

  2. A very rare DR BOWEN'S / BLOOD PURIFIER / SAN FRANCISCO medicine bottle was offered at the show and was taken home. This is a product from the first western glasshouse operated by A.D. Baker & F.M. Cutting during the 1860 calendar year.

    I purchased a rattan wrapped quart size bottle from the show. I was looking for an example so that I could show the differences between those made by American workers versus the Chinese workers at P.G.W. or S.F.G.W. during the 1870's.

  3. I heard the Bowen's was beautiful, and despite the significant damage, it is an important piece of western glassmaking history.
    I believe it is one of the first medicine bottles produced in the West, possible a few months behind the Dr. Adolphus. The newspaper article for Dr. Bowen's claims it is the "first" medicine bottle made in San Francisco, but the product also supposedly cured everything known to man...