Sunday, May 23, 2010

Western Bottle Clubs

I thought it was about time to become acquainted with some of the western bottle clubs that are at the forefront of the antique bottle collecting hobby. These clubs work tirelessly to organize bottle shows, share information and continue to promote our hobby. Let's start off with the ...

The GGHBS was formed in 1965 by a bunch of people who loved to dig and/or collect antique bottles. They realized the hobby needed an educational and social outlet for those of us who have been bitten by the bug. In 1966 we started putting on a bottle show and each year, though times change, we strive to make it better. This year we are going to have our 43rd show so come and celebrate with us. It will be a great show and with you there, it will be even better.
The GGHBS newsletter, "The CORKER", is the handy work of our most valuable player, Darla Antone. She tries to get it out about two weeks before each meeting. If you have any good articles, information, digging stories, ads for wanted or for sale, pass them on to Darla so she can publish them in the newsletter.

President: Gary Antone
752 Murdell Lane, Livermore, CA 94550
Phone 925-373-6758

Vice President: Rick Lindgren Email:

Treasurer: Jackie Lindgren Email:

Secretary: Ross Dileo Email:

Editor: Darla Antone 925-373-6758

For more information on the Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society take a look at:

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