Saturday, May 1, 2010 local engineering contractor Matt Good peeled away the layers of fill dirt old bottles started to appear in his excavation. At first, depression era fruit jars and crown top beer bottles were being uncovered, but as the work progressed downward the layers of trash continued to get older.

Next came turn of the century blob top beers and un embossed medicine bottles. Finally 1880’s and 1870’s era glass was being uncovered with several more feet of fill to remove.

When Matt reached bedrock, at the bottom of the excavation site, a few open pontil bottles were recovered confirming that this site was occupied by prospectors and quite likely Major Downie during the gold rush.

Although nothing earth shattering was discovered at the Major Downie cabin site some nice early bottles and other collectibles were recovered by Downieville’s newest antique bottle collector.
authors note: The plaque that the ancient and honorable order of E Clampus Vitus placed on the Major Downie cabin site staes Downie arrived at The Forks in November of 1849. Downie was mining at the Forks by late September or early October.

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