Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't y'all be digging in my yard!!!


  1. I know him well. Thanks for the smile.

  2. Dig Heck! I'd be afraid to bend over to pick up a bottle lying on the surface.

    I know, let's bring along Ned Beatty and let him do the "groundwork".

  3. For some reason, that kid looks familiar. I think he's a Yuba County resident, somewhere around Challenge, or maybe Dobbins. After all, Yuba Co is the methamphetamine capital of Northern, CA, and the families are TIGHT. Young bottle diggin' boys better not come up around in there. Bwahahahaha!

  4. from this day on i will put my money
    in eastern bitters
    bob kaiser!!!

  5. OOH, OUCH! Well, my pi**-poor choice of expression earned me that vitriol, I suppose. Believe, me "Joe", there was absolutely NO personal attack meant. I'm guilty of insensitivity and nothing else. The humorous reply was intended to make light of the above photograph from the film which we all enjoyed, and to reflect on real-life experiences over long years of work in remote portions of several Northern California counties. It was not uncommon to encounter "foothill agriculturalists", who were patently ignored and "amateur chemists", who were most certainly not.

    For my bad decision to interject a bit of dry humor into the paragraph, and mention directly a place of residence, I am deeply sorry. There would be absolutely nothing to gain by any sort of personal attack, but reading over the post, it is easy to understand where you are coming from. All I can do is humbly ask for forgiveness. It bothers me deeply that I have caused a good man grief, and it won't happen again.

    That being said, you really can't be serious about putting your money in Eastern Bitters? I'm sure that the "heat of the moment" caused you make such a statement.

    I guess that it's time for me to take hiatus from this site, and reflect on my transgressions. One of these days, when I actually find a nice bitters, the story will be told, but, until that time, adios amigos.