Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Western Bitters Search Engine

I know a lot of the folks that visit the Bitters and Whiskey Blog are looking for information on bottles but don't have the time to scroll through all the posts on these sites. If you take a look to the right of this post you will notice an area called "Search This Blog". This powerful tool can get you to what you are looking for in not only the bitters blog but also in all of our favorite links.
For example: If you are looking for information on say, "Lacour's Bitters" type it into the search box and the results will be displayed at the top of the page.
Above the results you will also see three headings...... This Blog..........Linked From Here......... Our Favorite Links................ click on any of these headings to see the results of your search.
So... if your looking for a certain post or a special subject... go ahead try the search engine, you'll be surprised how fast you can locate what your looking for.

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