Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mills' Bitters

Another very scarce western bitters product is the Mills' Bitters / A. M. Gilman / Sole Proprietor [ladys leg fifth size] bottle. If this is a western manufactured bottle it would most likely be a product of the San Francisco & Pacific Glass Works.

The only advertisement I've ever found for this product came from a August 14th, 1878 advertisement in the San Francisco Alta California paper, which ran for about a month, see above.


  1. I seriously doubt this was a Western manufactured bottle. It is almost always stained, and etched when dug. The glass does not have the Western charastics like hardness, and resistance to effects of minerals in the ground. If I could find one that has not cleaned, it would be in my collection. How does this bottle relate to the F.& P.J. Cassin version?


  2. Miller's Extra,

    I know nothing other than what was written in Wilson's Western Bitters book. I would be curious to know how it was determined to have been made in 1874 only as was written. The above ad is the only evidence I've found for this particular bitters product.

  3. We dug an example a few months ago, I'll send you a photo for this post. How many are known ?

  4. Here is a letter signed by A.M. Giman dated 1878.