Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More on Dr. Mott's Wild Cherry Tonic

Here's an advertisement from the March 10, 1879 Sacramento Union for the firm of Powers & Henderson. This pretty much confirms Old Cutters timeline for the business relationship of Powers & Henderson.

The Mott's Wild Cherry Tonic embossed bottle was manufactured well after this 1879 advertisement when the firms name was changed to A.H. Powers & Co.
If you are looking for an applied top example of the A.H. Powers Dr. Mott's - I have a duplicate available for sale or trade. rs

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  1. My Mott's bottles found another "home" at the Auburn show. The bright yellow one was difficult to relinquish, but the offer was sufficient to loosen my grip on it. Bottles can only stay in one place for so long, then it's time to let someone else enjoy them.

    Rick, if you do not have the trademark claims for the Mott's let me know and I'll get them to you.