Sunday, November 29, 2009

None Genuine #2, Two, Too

Great Med, I know of 2 others of these, both on the border in Dago, mine and the lighter colored one in the Lance W. collection, all have Great Embossing, Thanks for the background info Richard, I was told when I got mine it was a Western Med., but, I have had no clue as to where it might come from or the background? I guess its time to go on line and check out the Los Angeles Directories. DB


  1. Like I stated in the previous post, these bottles tun up around Sacramento on occasion, but are seldom found in mint condition. You'd think that if the bottle was sold locally there would be a paper trail to follow. If there is, it's hidden awfully well, as I haven't found anything to prove what this bottle contained, despite hours of pouring over boring records and newspaper articles.

    I hope that a SoCal publication can shed some light on this subject.

  2. I dug the So Cal example with along with a dig partner a few years ago out of a deep 1880's-90's hole. It is a very light honey amber. I also have a completely different example of the same bottle in the shape of a warners safe cure!?!?! Rick -- Make me an author on this site so I can post the pictures of the two totally different examples that I have. I have only talked to a few collectors (Mike D., R. Hall, and Dale M.) who own or have seen these examples. It seems they come in amber shades, clear, and aqua. I've always thought they were a sarsaparilla, possibly a medicine/cure or a bitters of some sort. I have not done any extensive research on this bottle. In terms of where they are dug/found, it seems primariliy in the bay area up into the Northwest, with the lone exception of the one I dug in the Los Angeles area a few years back...