Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mid November Update

Here it is the middle of November and the holiday season is just around the corner. Thought it might be time to update what's going on in the western bottle community;
Dale Mlasko has started a new western bottle related web site. His new site, Oregon Trail Antique Bottles and Glass, features western bottles for sale, historical information and bottle related news. Take a look at Dale's site, there is a link to it here under Our Favorite Links.

December 4th & 5th is the 32nd annual 49er Historical Bottle Association Show & Sale. Located at the Auburn Fairgrounds this is one show you shouldn't miss. Year after year I have always found something "good" to add to my collection at the Auburn show. Early lookers and dealer setup starts at noon on Friday the 4th. Stop in and pick up that early Christmas present.

And speaking of Christmas presents American Bottle Auctions is holding its auction #49 in December. Jeff has posted some early information on his site and it sounds like there will be something for every one's collecting interests in the upcoming auction. Bitters, flasks, soda's and whiskies are just some of the categories represented in this December's upcoming auction.

Ebay's selection of western bitters has been pretty sketchy the last couple of months but the bottle that garnered the most bids and interest was the Bach Meese Botanic Stomach Bitters. Final selling price for the Botanic was $305. A bargain in my opinion. Other bottles auctioned on ebay included a Peruvian Bitters for $34, a plain aqua Henley's for $110 and a Star Kidney & Liver Bitters reached $95. I, for one will be looking forward to American Bottle Auctions auction #49 this December, with hopes of adding something to my bitters shelf.

I have not heard of anything really killer being dug this season. A Roseville digger reports a least 2 broken amber Lacour's variant 3's coming out of a recently dug pit. A couple of us "high country" boys dug a gold rush era basement last weekend. Boy were the possibilities there for an early square, but the only thing un-earthed were 2 freeblown wines, a squatty black and an english chutney that my digging partner worked over with his shovel.
Have a great Thanksgiving, see you all at Auburn and "keep diggin' em up"


  1. English chutney? I can do better than that. I blasted a sweet, light amber, donut topped, union oval on Sunday, AND a HHH horsy. Danged roots and flying shovel!

  2. OC,
    I just hate when that happens.

  3. We recently dug an amber Mills Bitters. I'll try to get you a photo soon.

  4. Andrew, OC, GP, AP and all you other diggers,

    We would love to hear about your digging finds and post them on the Western Bitters News. Write a post or mail me about your digging.
    There are lots of us that want to know what's happening on the digging front.

  5. I'll post if, and when, I finally score a decent Bitters.