Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bloggers Pix

A nice grouping of western bottles

Hostetter's Rule!

A rare Alex Von Humboldt's Stomach Bitters

A beautiful bottle window of western & eastern glass


  1. Nice Color, Say, some of those look Familiar. With the bottles in the window, do you ever worry about the temp going from hot to cold or cold to hot? Have you had any of em goooo "Ping" you know your sitting there eating dinner and you hear this "Pingggggg" and you can figure out where it came from till you go dust the window sill? I hope not, but, I have had that happen before. DB

  2. I worry about it every day in a house of windows and bottles. No basements in Houston. Water table too high. Sure is beautiful though. FMV

  3. Nah, no bottle has ever gone "Piiiiing" in my window. One backbar sitting on a table did, though. A nice J.H.Cutter with a fluted interior decided to break in half lengthwise. It was probably caused by the top being sealed by the cork and original porcelain top. Not enough ventilation, I reckon. Oh well, stuff happens.

  4. James always has nice glass! But now, hes starting to collect what i collect and he has more money! Damn! pooch3fan-

  5. The Hostetter's and the window of Western and Eastern glass are mine, James Campiglia. Rick Simi posted pics. for me I had emailed. I will get signed in and post more window pics soon.
    It is currently -7 here in Montana. Was -20 something last night. I try not to put up cracked bottles in the window and luckily haven't heard any noises but I have many windows all over with bottles galore. I was told the coldness of night and then sun hitting and warming in the am. can crack bottles. I do need to be careful but these are my favorite office windows!
    Great site. Need to go look more into this great site now that my buddy Tom (I call him Dr. Wolfe) who posted above told me of my pics up here he recognized.