Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Western Bitters For Sale or Wanted Section?

A while back on the Western Glop Top Whiskey site a discussion was started about having an area on the site for users of the site to sell bottles. Ideas were thrown around and then the subject was dropped. I was disappointed that the subject didn't get any further than just talk.

What I would like to propose, for this site, is an area that we could use to post bitters for sale or trade or bitters bottles wanted. By this I mean something like a message board, where collectors could list a bottle for sale (or wanted) and be put in touch with other collectors that might be interested in buying or selling.
For example:

For Sale: Dr. Renz's Herb Bitters -large letter variant, olive amber, near mint condition. If interested contact g.o. at rcs@digitalpath.net.

Wanted: Cassin's Grape Brandy Bitters - contact Warren at warrenls6@sbcglobal.net

I want to stress that we do not want to sell bottles on this site, nor do we want to compete with the auction houses, bottle merchants or ebay. What we would like to do is put collectors in touch with other collectors that might be interested in buying or selling. Old Fashioned one on one bottle dealing with today's technology.

If you look over to the right side of this page you will see an area called Western Bitters Swap Shop. This is where we would list the bottles for sale or wanted.

Hey, this site is for all of you collectors to enjoy and participate to the degree of your choice, so if you want to comment on this or have suggestions about it (or don't even want to see it here) feel free to comment on this idea. Heck, we can call it Swap Shop, Buy & Sell section or whatever you all want, if you want it. So, tell us what you think!

If you are a member of this blog and want to author posts contact g.o. at rcs@digitalpath.net and I will set you up as an author.


  1. G.O.Blake,
    It's an interesting idea. Most of those who would use this site are advanced collectors of western glass and as such usually end up selling their better pieces to fellow collectors in lieu of the general bottle collecting populace.I would be interested in such a section.

  2. I am not even a member yet, but I think it is an excellent idea, Swap Trade Shop.......Andy