Monday, August 17, 2009

The "Not so Snobby" Bitters

Boy oh boy, over on the whiskey site I noticed that someone named anonymous (hey anonymous, come on out of the closet) called us bitters collectors snobbish, arrogant and I presume that also means uppity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Heck I don't own any bitters over 10K! And just to show you folks that believe we are "clannish" and snooty, a thing or two, here's some photos of "The Peoples" bitters. Power to the People! Enjoy!

How about a Marshall's? It doesn't get anymore down to earth than that!

Always the peoples favorite Hibernia Bitters.

And last but not least a real salt of the earth Bennett's Celebrated Stomach Bitters

Now don't y'all be calling us Bitters folks snobby!


  1. Hello G. O. Not all bitters collectors are snobs, Buuuuut some are, and you know who you are. I have been in this hobby for more than forty years around the Sacto Stockton area and go to all the cali and nevy shows and have for years. The snobs are there, but the people on these two blogs seem to be good collectors who would help another collector out if he needed advice. nuff said. btw I happen to have a few of those "common bitters also" and do not have any of the 5,000.00 or up types. but I enjoy them all....Andy

  2. Yep, them's about as "salty" as it gets. How about the "other" well known Sackamenna squares, the good 'ol Star and Wait's Bitters. We won't get into the Tonics, though.

  3. Hey G.O. there is a whiskey bottle on e-bay right now with your name on it!!! a g.o. blakes and it is a clear bottle thought you might want to know...Andy

  4. Thanks Andy,
    I'm headed that way right now to take a look.