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The Bondy Brothers

San Francisco Gold Rush Merchants
 Bondy Brothers & Co. – Belt Manufacturers New York
Bondy Brothers period correct display assembled by Nicholas Kane includes clasps, leather and cloth for the manufacture of belts
The first mention, that I have discovered, of Adolphus and Joseph Bondy is a listing in the 1851 New York City directory for Bondy Brothers & Co. Belts, working at 138 Delancy Street and residing at 140 Delancy Street.
This 1851 listing also shows a Gustavus Bondy residing at the same address as Joseph and Adolphus Bondy
This 1852 New York directory shows Adolph and Joseph doing business as Bondy Brothers & Co, belt manufacturers 126 William Street

The 1852 San Francisco directory has a listing for A. (Adolph) Bondy doing business at 121 Sacramento Street San Francisco.  
As with other New York businesses, that were trying to capitalize on the gold rush market in California, the Bondy’s opened a store in San Francisco to sell goods that were manufactured at their New York business. William Taussig & the Pollack brothers were other gold rush based businesses that manufactured in New York and sold in San Francisco to the gold rush market.  
Bondy Brothers& Co. New York belt clasp. This clasp was found without the Bondy Brothers marked wreath
Image Nicholas Kane
Bondy ad for the California & Australia market
Image Google books


The Bondy stamped clasp has their name stamped on the belt loop of the wreath. Several stamped eagle clasps, recovered from the California gold camps, have been found with the Bondy marked wreath attached


This stamped roped border eagle clasp was recovered with a Bondy marked wreath
Image Nicholas Kane
The 1854- 55 New York City directory lists Leo Bondy working in military ornaments and residing at the same address as Adolph and Joseph Bondy
Rare one cent token stamped Bondy Brothers & Co Belt Manufacturers New York
Image American Numismatic Society
Belt slide, wreath and tongue (missing disk) for the Bondy cast clasp. Notice how thick the casting is on this clasp
Images Nicholas Kane
Disk and belt loop for the cast Bondy clasp.
Image Rick Simi
1857 – 1858 New York directory lists the Bondy’s also manufacturing gloves
As the gold rush market declines, in 1859, the Bondy Brothers move their business to 6 Dey Street in New York City and begin to manufacture shirts.
Bondy Brothers stamped clasp
Image Rick Simi
1863 New York Directory lists Adolph dealing in shirts and Joseph working in whalebone. Whalebone was used in the manufacture of ladies corsets
The 1875 New York directory shows both Adolph and Joseph move to 25 Howard Street and are working in ribbons. The ribbons could possibly be for Civil War veteran organizations or some sort of trimmings on hats or clothes.
In the US, from 1873 to 1879, 18,000 businesses went bankrupt, including 89 railroads. Ten states and hundreds of banks went bankrupt. Unemployment peaked in 1878, Hard times for the citizens of the United States and the Bondy Brothers trying to make a living manufacturing and selling ribbons.
The last listing for the Bondy Brothers appears in the 1878 New York City directory listing them as commission merchants and manufacturing ribbons in
 New York City and residing in New Jersey.


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