Monday, January 15, 2018

From Charles Festersen


Hello Rick - I read your article on the Dr. Mott's variants and their associated rivet marks and found it interesting. As you stated both of the Mott's variants, the Luis Taussig square, and the Acorn Bitters all share 2 rivet marks in common. There is, however, another  western square that has the same 2 characteristic rivet marks and shape as the Mott's; though it is a slick. I've attached photos that include the slick with it's 2 rivet mark counterparts. You can see the rivet marks in the closeup and the rather nice green color of the bottle. Is it another Mott's variant? Could be. Maybe it was the one that was a label only bottle. I hope this information was of interest. - Charles
It is always a surprise to find different bottles with the same characteristics. Thanks Charles for the new info on the Mott's related bottles - rs -

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