Wednesday, August 16, 2017

From Charles Festersen

I would like to give a special thank you to the United States Postal Service for helping to protect our fragile heritage!

P.S. Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

Did the bottle survive? - rs -
Charles reply:

Well 2 out of 3 made it whole. Lost a a nice dark green Charle's I was excited to add to my collection. In the last year the U.S.P.S. has broken 1 bottle, lost another entirely, and sent me a crushed Indian basket in a wet box. Fed Ex might be a better bet for expensive bottles?


  1. Actually Fed Ex has ruined two pretty expensive and difficult to find Corvette parts for me over the years. I wouldn'the trust them either.

  2. Knock on wood, I've been lucky. I've shipped a tremendous volume, in terms of both numbers and dollars, of western whiskies, as well as other bottles in the past year. I ship USPS exclusively due to past loss ratio with UPS. Never had a problem with FedEx, although their shipping charges are over the moon compared to USPS. As far as USPS goes, Only one bottle showed as being lost (turned out to be just a computer glitch on USPS website) and zero breakage; although much of the breakage aspect can be attributed to being OCD about over packaging. Guess I've just been lucky~

  3. proper packing is the key. a bottle placed in box and taped shut rarely makes it. some sellers do a great
    job with combination of bubble wrap and foam chips--my congratulation to the most reverend Mlasko he is one of the best.

    1. I agree packing is key though one should pack not only for impact and crushing but also thermal change. I had a bottle arrive in the summer after sitting in a steel delivery truck all day and when I opened it I could barely hold it as it was so hot. Styrofoam bottle sleeves like those used to ship expensive wine work great to protect against both impact and temperature. I use them exclusively for transporting better bottles.

  4. An added observation, small bottle in a large box shipped "priority" with proper packing is the best. It is usually cheaper and you receive it much fast than regular snail mail. A signature feature of our Oregon friend the reverend.

  5. I have lost one bottle due to pour packing I have used PVC pipe wrap the bottle with bubble wrap stick it in the pipe then in a box