Thursday, August 3, 2017

Auction House Lingo

I have been watching some of the bottles for auction on various auction sites and the infamous ebay.
What really catches my eye is the descriptions that are attached to the bottles.

We all know that the three C's, (color, condition and crudity) is what drives the final price of the item at auction. Some of the descriptions, on these auction sites, of the three C's is remarkable or maybe creative if not downright unbelievable. Here's some of the descriptions I have observed:

Sweet greasy yellow green- Yuck! like flem?
Pretty blue - Like a summer sky?
Golden Reddish Amber- sunset during fire season in the west
Medium amber- dirt brown
Medium warm amber- dirt brown baking in the summer sun
Yellow tobacco- the color of a chain smokers moustache
Blazing yellow- as in the movie Blazing Saddles?
Citrine with topaz ginger ale tone- too many colors for me to describe
Peach tone amber- a pastel amber?
Ginger ale topaz- topaz is colorless colorless with a ginger ale tint
Amber with ox blood swirls- I have never seen any ox blood so...
Fire aqua- everyone's favorite western color

Minor lip chatter- I am not sure what this means
Screaming clean - was this bottle over cleaned and that's why its screaming?
Mint condition- Condition of a bottle when it leaves the factory
Near mint plus- Almost factory condition but better than not quite
Attic mint- Condition of a bottle when it leaves the factory with cobwebs and dust?
Near mint with slight outer haze- almost factory condition but stained to beat the band
Mint shape all around- factory condition all over?
Mint never cleaned- Condition of a bottle when it leaves the factory - but not washed
Gem mint- virtually perfect - pretty unusual for a 100+ year old bottle
Hairline crack through the middle of the bottle, hardly noticeable grades a 9.8- ?????

Hammer-Whittled like a glimmering diamond- A socal description
Shines like a diamond in the wind- norcal description Thanks ABA!
Tons of whittle- 2000 pounds + of whittle
Killer whittled- homicide hammered
Crude rude dude- a poets description of a thug
Fancy- The late Bob Barnett's description of a nice clean bottle
Loads of diamond-like faucets- hmm.. do you think the seller meant facets?

Anyone have any favorites they would like to share?


  1. Funny Stuff right there! I think some of those are my descriptions! I really like the term "stoplight yellow", or Espresso( Thanks Bruce), pigeon blood,smoky golden green topaz,lemon yellow( now THAT I would love to see),apple green, lime green,strawberry puce, grape amethyst...Now I am getting a fruit craving.

    1. Yes, some of the better color descriptions are yours. I haven't seen "stoplight yellow" and forgot about Expresso. All great and creative descriptions that make the auctions interesting to watch

  2. Chunky whittle,sunken panel,anything but round,graphite pontil( does not exist...its iron or metallic),"you can cut yourself on the embossing", First out of the mold,pontil era,lightly tumbled,mint besides the damage...I could go on all day :)

  3. Whittled like a washboard,old school Paul J.Trouette and Siri brothers lingo.Shiny clean another late and great Bob Barnett description.

  4. And let’s not forget our old pal Everett's description called “Mooney Mint” defined as “about perfect, (except for the ½” chunk off the base, the full length crack in the side, and overall stain)”.

  5. Remember Trix cereal as a kid? Don't forget orange - orange and raspberry red~

  6. Or dried apricot with hues of copper looked at the bottle just amber I emailed the guy back asked there are several different apricots the ones from south of France are much darker never got a reply Good one Rick