Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gold Rush Find

Hey Rick.
Hit an early hole last week and found this big quart size open pontiled med. I found out it's extremely rare and nobody has seen one like this. Super whittled and perfect except for some stain. Apparently this druggist was out of business by 1856.
Always fun to dig this early glass intact. Does not happen very often for me.

Nice Find! Anyone ever heard of this bottle?
More often then not bottles recovered from the high country gold rush camps come out of the ground with little or no ground staining - rs -


  1. Nice bottle Dale I sure aint never heard of one what a thrill to dig this early stuff

  2. Bottle digging is a kind of mining and the digger a variety of prospector searching for the sparkling silver of glass treasure in the earth. The treasure is found.