Sunday, July 9, 2017

From Charles Festersen

Barbier Schnapps

Here is something interesting I just found. This advertisement establishes a date for the embossed Barbier Schnapps bottles being imported into California on August of 1857, as an empty, and that Barbier's Schnapps was "put up" here. It seems to imply that Barbier (like everyone else in the Schnapps business) was trying to copy Udolpho Wolf's packaging and that he may have been selling his schnapps or other products prior to Aug of 1857 as the add is intended to inform his patrons of the new bottles and packaging. Further,  Mr. Semi's publication on this site of July 12, 2012 references advertisements for Barbier products as early as 1856 however if the embossed bottles did not arrive until Aug. of 87 than his schnapps must have been sold in bulk or in other bottles prior to this date. This advertisement was printed in the Sacramento Daily Union, Volumne 13, Number 2006, 31st of August 1857 - page 3, Column 1. Hopefully others more informed on the Barbiers Schnapps than myself can comment with further information. 


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  1. That is great information...a ship full of empty bottles...must not have been too many as these are rare birds!