Sunday, April 2, 2017

From Charles Festersen

For some time now I have recognized that certain master inks and the Lacuor's bitters share some design similarities. However, last week was the first time I placed some side by side for comparison. Clearly there are significant differences yet, they seem to share a design theme. For me the comparison begs two questions. Which came first? And, was Louis Lacour's lighthouse design as original and unusual as I thought? In any case, I feel the photo I have included is visually appealing, and I hope, of at least passing interest to collectors


  1. Stafford did not make ink in his own name until 1869 I believe Lacuor's predates that by five years or so.

  2. The "Western Bitters" book by By Bill Wilson & Betty Wilson/Zumwalt places the starting date of manufacture for the Lacour's as 1866. However, a posting on this site states April of 1867.

  3. Charles;
    I thought that you may find a short article that I posted several years ago to be of interest.

    Lighthouse? I think not~ Check it out.

    The Lacuor's bottle design was patented on Feb. 4, 1868.


  4. Lacour's bottle design was indeed a lighthouse. That symbol was his trademark for his bitters product. A lighthouse was prominently displayed on the front label also. The sarsapariphere bitters was first advertised for sale in 1867. The Cassin brothers who acquired Lacour's remaining stock of bitters product advertised them being sold in fancy lighthouse bottles.

  5. Thanks to Michael, Bruce, and Warren for the additional information and feedback