Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bob Ferraro Passes

It is with great sadness that I wanted to announce the passing of Bob Ferraro today.

Bob was a legend in the collecting hobby and a pioneer in western bottle collecting.

He will be missed.

Dale Mlasko

Bob & Connie Ferraro


  1. Bob was a real gentleman and was always willing to help anyone at any time

  2. I made Bob's acquaintance many years ago. I always looked forward to his visits here at my place. He had such passion for everything antique and was always eager to share his wealth of knowledge with anyone. A true gentleman and an asset to our hobby. His passing is a great loss for us all.

  3. Very sad news , Bob was the nicest person I have ever met in the hobby , always had a smile and a desire to obtain something new for the collection, I will miss him :(

  4. Very sad. The late Peck Markota introduced me to Bob some 23 years ago at a Reno Bottle Show when I was a young lad. Bob said, wow your just a kid and you dig and collect bottles! Peck answered, this is the California Kid and from there on that name stuck with me. Thank you for that guys. One of my best memories of Bob is when I brought him a rare Reno split beer out of collection that he didn't have yet. He was like a kid at Christmas and he went on to tell me more about the bottle and its history. Bobs passion for the hobby was addicting. A true gentleman and a fun guy. Thank you for the memories.