Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Recent Acquisition

I recently purchased a western hair bottle on ebay from one of our fellow collectors in Washington.
Actually, I don't positively know its western as I cannot find any information on this bottle but those magic western style R's embossed in the glass are a pretty good indication that the bottle was blown in the west. I have seen another example of this bottle at the Anderson show several years ago but haven't seen any other examples since then.

The flat front panel and curved back panel are, I believe, somewhat unusual for a western bottle.

If anyone has any information on this bottle or M.A. Reaves I would appreciate your comments.
- rs -


  1. Hey Rick, It is definitely western and I believe San Francisco or Sacramento. They are scarce and for as crude as they typically are, it is surprising they always have tooled tops. Usually thick and crude sparkly glass, they are a nice western hair.


  2. we dug several in Grass valley in one hole applied tops MAX

  3. As near as I can tell Mary Ann Turner married John Reaves in 1854 in Amador County. They had six children and Mary Ann had to be committed to the Insane Asylum in Stockton for awhile. It appears she left her family and by 1880 had patented a "cure all" medicine in 1880 in Snelling, Merced County. By 1882 Mary Ann had moved to San Francisco and began pushing her Great Electric Hair Tonic. By 1886 she was no longer listed in the San Francisco directly and I have yet to find her after that date.
    I have never seen an applied top version of her bottle.

  4. I have not seen an applied-top example either, but I do have lime green or light apple green one that I dug yrs ago. Anyone seen any other colored examples of this med ??