Tuesday, March 8, 2016

OGW Bitters

Here is a recent find, a nice light OGW square. I have personally only seen OGW squares in dark reddish amber, straight amber, and now this light honey color. Has anyone ever seen a green one ?

Two OGW squares with different lip treatments.

Apparently OGW made claret bottles, but as far as I know none are known. Perhaps they were not base embossed ?


  1. I have seen the odd amethyst OGW's. Not sun colored but an odd dark pink...not sure if that was their "claret",but only in demijohns and ammonia's, never saw a square or fifth in any color but amber tone.
    Nice light square! DM

  2. Not claret the color, but claret style wine bottles

  3. I have always been interested in the OGW bottles but have never even dug a recognizable piece of one. Seems like they were manufactured to late to be found in the Gold Country.
    Question for all you diggers: Where are they primarily found and in what time context.
    And the bonus question: Why are they so crude for the time frame that they were made. Did all the reject glass blowers wind up at OGW
    Sure would like to hear your thoughts

  4. I have dug two OGW's in my digging travels. Both were found in Northern Cal. They were found in 1890s context although OGW was in business in the 80s. As for crudity, I have only seen ammonia's from OGW with any real nasty crudity. I have in my collection, a fifth, a square, citrate, demijohn, and two ammonia's. All are quite plain except for the demojohn, and ammonia's. It would seem that OGW used rather unskilled labor, and early techniques. Probably used old obsolete equipment. Is there a "medicine" style bottle from OGW? never saw one.

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  6. Dale,
    Will take a pic later today...it is a deeper pink amethyst. You likely have five of them :)

    1. I wish I had five ! Just one in the collection :)

  7. A few years ago we dug the bottom half of an OGW medicine about the same size and shape as a King of Pain.