Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Good Old Days

Hey Rick. 
I just found some of my old bottle magazines and decided to read through a few. Apparently a Cassin's was dug and was submitted for some information. While damaged, the appraisal was $85-$125 for your "typical" Cassin's. I would have loved to find a mint example back then for that :)
Thought you might want to post this. I am not at my computer at the moment. 
Take care
More than one Cassin's has been recovered from the Yuba City Marysville area. Wonder if anyone recognizes this bottle and if it went into a western collection or a dumpster  - rs -

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  1. I know of one example that has a repaired corner of the pedestal base like the drawing, however this illustration appears to show a variant 2 bottle, whereas the repaired example is a variant 1 bottle.