Thursday, February 18, 2016

More Sad News

The Western Bottle Community lost another important member in Janet Bond. Janet enjoyed collecting antiques. Her favorites were antique bottles and glass insulators. She belonged to the  Golden Gate Bottle Club, Forty Niner Bottle Club and the National Insulator Association. Janet was a knowledgeable collector and always ready for a treasure hunt and attended most of the western bottle and insulator shows.
She will be missed by the western bottle community.


  1. Having to reminisce back on friendships in our hobby seems to be accelerating a lot lately. I’ve known Janet for at least 25-30 years, more so from the insulator collecting that we both had in common early on. I always enjoyed seeing her at nearly all of the Western bottle and insulator shows, always with a pleasant smile and attitude. An occasional phone conversation would always lead to a discussion of the thrill of the chase in collecting, especially with collection leads or finding that elusive bottle or insulator. I have a beautiful crude cobalt blue EC&M with olive amber swirls that Janet chased after for many years and finally scored…I cherish it even more now. This is just another blow to our hobby and I will very much miss seeing her at all of the shows. RIP Janet…

  2. Condolences to the family of Janet Bond. Enjoyed her visit to see my collection several months ago. I enjoyed visiting her home and talking bottles and insulators. Janet was born and raised on New York Flat in Forbestown. Her father had a sawmill there. I enjoyed her different home canned jelly's and Janet's wit and humor.
    Don Dwyer

  3. Really sad to read about Janet's passing. I met her in the bottle club when I was a teenager. She was always very enthusiastic about old bottles, and especially lit up when talking about split beers and insulators. She also liked to go out and dig, and had dug some good bottles herself over the years. When I was younger, she gave me leads about active construction sites on more than one occassion.
    I have a older Antioch hutch in my collection that I dug and later sold to her 30 yrs ago, and she traded it back to me a few years later for an equal example so I could have the one in my collection that I dug. I really thought that was a nice gesture on her part, and I always remember that whenever I pull that bottle out of the box. I will definitely miss seeing her at the shows.