Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Golden Plantation

 Recently I was going through boxes of bottles which I have taken out of my cabinets until the massive oak tree hanging over my bottle room is eliminated. It is funny how one actually forgets what's in the collection when the glass is boxed up and put away. I do not know how some collectors do this on purpose, but some do. Every once in awhile, it is nice to handle the bottles and rekindle old relationships with them.
 While I am not a whiskey collector...well not REALLY a whiskey collector, I have been fortunate enough to assemble and dig some nice western whiskeys. While I did not dig this one, it was a new discovery a few years ago by a non collector in Nevada. Just tearing down an old shack, and VOILA! Cassin fifth! No problem mon'. Anyway it has never been actually buried and has a strong embossing pattern.

 I am curious as to how many Cassin fifths there with bold embossing. It seems like most I see are pretty washed out in the middle of the pattern.

Anyway, if you like to keep your "good stuff" all boxed up in the dark, I suggest taking them out once in awhile to enjoy. DM

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  1. Wow!
    What a beauty...keep digging through those boxes and share some more of your "sleepers"
    Headed out today for the Canyonville Show and looking forward to seeing some of the northwestern collectors that don't make it down our way very often.