Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Amazing Find

Just received this picture of a recently found cache of bottles by some mystery digger.
I don't have any information on the dig or the digger but thought I would share the picture
Best dig of western fifths in quite a while......WOW!


  1. That's the greatest fifth dig that I can think of off the top of my head. I know there's been better fifths found like Clubhouses, and holes with dozens and dozens of Cutters or Tea Kettles. But to pull out half a dozen big dogs on the heavier side of the Top 25 is absolutely incredible! What other digs come close in a combination of quality and quantity? Perhaps the famous Tommy Walker/Lane P. Whiskey dig?

  2. This is a very significant find...the olive tone horse is one of the top western whiskey bottles. With the count of John's now being increased by 20% of known examples, this will likely impact the overall monetary value of these beautiful bottles but as in J. Moore's the individual characteristics will affect the value more. Imagine if someday a pit is found with a cache of Club Houses, or Woodburns! Still amazed at this find. Congratulations!