Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Few More Jamaica Ginger's

For some reason, I have been lucky enough to dig or acquire some pretty Jamaica Gingers. This product must have been pretty popular as they seem to be in most earlier holes I dig. Here are some of my favorites...

A crude and deep colored McMillan & Kester, A second variant Mc Millan & Kester, a blue "W", a super bubbly, and green J.A. Folger, and a long necked E.Frese.

From the Marysville Daily Appeal February 2, 1860
That's all I have on E. Freese - rs -

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  1. Wow! - really colorful and crude jakes. Just love that long neck Freese. I dug several of the Freese Jake's but never one with that long of a neck