Tuesday, January 27, 2015

That Beautiful Western Aqua

 I have collected western blown bottles for most of my life. I have just been attracted to the pristine, colored, and crude early western pieces most of all. No matter how rare or common...if it is sparkly, nasty crude and colored, I start to have increased heart rate and blood pressure.
 Some western colors are irresistible, like the greens, and yellow olive tones, but every once in awhile, an aqua piece turns me on. Almost 20 years ago, I missed out on this deep ice blue aqua variant 1

IXL...I hesitated just long enough for another collector to snap it up and I thought I would ever see a prettier "aqua" IXL. Well, several years later the collector went HEAVY in to whiskey bottles, and sold off a few items. I was fortunate to add this beautiful Henley's to my collection. I have traded it back and forth with two of my friends over the years and always got it back. This one is hammered with whittle effect, and has a monster top, millions of bubbles, and is in perfect condition. No, it is not green, or puce, or even rare, but a gorgeous ice blue-aqua that is hard to describe until you handle it. If I ever dig, or have a chance to acquire a yellow green variant 1 with these characteristics, I will be toast...DM.