Thursday, January 29, 2015

California Wine Depot A. M. Smith Salt Lake City Utah Western Whiskey Flask

Most western collectors have heard of the elusive Smith flask. Not sure how many collectors know that it's been found in aqua, green and various shades of amber. Can't recall how many years ago I heard about the flask and got to see pieces of the aqua find, it showed up on the west side of town on a block that was famous for saloons here in the city.

 As the years went by you'd hear stories of diggers coming up with a piece here and a piece there but getting that whole bottle just wasn't in the cards. I had this close encounter right down town on a project quite a few years ago on 3rd south and state street. It was under the building they took down that at one time housed a chinese restaurant and was my first introduction to chow mein. We didn't get to eat out much growing up so this was an adventure to drive into town and have lunch and look through a couple of department stores. All those memories came back as my diggin partner and I were trying to find all the pieces to the flask before construction was done and the new buildings went in. Not all there but still a thrill to see some of Utah's history come out of the ground

From the Utah Antique Bottle Cliché.... Thanks - rs -


  1. To date there is only one undamaged example known to collectors. It is a chocolate amber and was discovered by an excavator many years ago. Funny how this unique flask was found by accident by a non collector when die hard diggers have not been able to discover anything but pieces. It would be exciting if some lucky diggers could one day dig a hole with all colors represented and in perfect condition. Given the unusual characteristics of this flask ie: champagne top, and embossing pattern... AND the heavy staining that seems to be typical, does anyone have a thought on where this flask was blown? DM.

  2. I have an original 19th century large advertising color sign marked Old Cabinet Whiskey Rieger & Lindley Salt Lake City with a beautiful saloon girl reclining on a bed. There is a bottle pictured in the image and I wonder if there are known bottles from this brand that are marked Salt Lake City?