Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Three Squares a Day"

A few years ago I posted a photo of three green squares. Quite a few people have commented on them since that time. They consisted of a green Cundurango, E.G. Lyon's, and a green Renz. here is another version of the "three squares". This time with a small letter Renz, crude Cundurango, and green small Rosenbaum's. The Lyon's  is still on the shelf and was a bit jealous it was not included this time, and the Cundurango is a different example this time around. The recent post of the wild pastel apple green broken Rosenbaum's shows what killer colors they were made. Maybe next post I will show three puce beauties. Any other colors of
"trios" out there?Enjoy! DM


  1. Add a little salad dressing and yum...what a dish! I'm green with envy!

  2. I just cannot stop staring at this photo; that shade of green is just mesmerizing!

  3. Three different western bitters with three different style tops in extremely rare colors. Incredible grouping.
    Boy do you deserve the name Western Glass Addict

  4. Frog-green for sure. Awesome Dale!