Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Double Dose of Salutaris

I have really focused heavily on western bitters blown between 1864 and 1874. This is a fairly narrow range for exclusively western bitters as bitters from the west are not very numerous in the first place when compared to the thousands of brands from the rest of the U.S. My personal collecting philosophy has always been the earliest brands, whether they be medicines, whiskey's or the western flasks. They just please me.
 Here is another brand from the "early period" of western bitters manufacture, dating from 1864-65. The Byrne and Castree Salutaris Bitters, S.F.  This pair consists of puce and green in shoulder and base embossed versions. To me, these little gems pack quite a punch being very early, crude, and beautifully colored. DM


  1. What a magnificent pair!! The story about these bitters I included in my book's third printing. It is likely the first embossed western glasshouse bitters bottle.

  2. Warren your research on the Salutaris is fantastic. My theory has always been that the base only embossed variant was produced 1866. Your thoughts? Dale

  3. The Salutaris Bitters had a relatively short marketing time frame, beginning with the trademark and registration of the name on August 20th, 1863 through the end of its advertisement on September 24th, 1865, a period barely more than two years. It is difficult to say with absolute certainty which variant is the earliest, but I am reasonably certain that this bottle holds the title of the earliest embossed western made bitters bottle.