Friday, April 25, 2014

"Weeding" Out Some Ebay Offerings

I don't know if you have noticed the growing trend on sites like ebay to offer bottles for sale with, I guess I would call it, "Lazy Photography"

The trend appears to stem from the areas that don't seem to have a lot of sunlight or an over abundance of, well, grass or weeds.

Take for instance the following picture.....
Here's a  really nice western fifth that looks like it is growing back hair.
Kind of hard to tell exactly how transparent this bottle really is
The  fifth pictured below is experiencing a bad case of clover buildup
and the clover, or weeds, are starting to creep to the front of the bottle
Here's an example of a southern California dose glass
that is sprouting out of someone's lawn. 
This poor Owl poison has been tossed aside and
landed on its top in this lawn. Interesting way to display your bottom.
Here's a nice teal colored soda
that also has some back hair issues - Wonder if this is contagious?
And here we have a perfect example of how to photograph a bottle to show it at its best. A little nature in the background to show off the unusual color of the bottle without over powering the subject with grass or weeds


  1. Interesting post Rick. The different photography "methods" when depicting glass have really run the spectrum of quality. Lou still takes the best pics around, and mine are a continual effort to show the actual color and character of the glass. I did find one benefit in crappy pics on sites like ebay...the problem is that it is risky. If the pic is out of focus or taken in the dark, I zoom in heavy to see if the bottle may be a sleeper. If the pics are garbage, but I see heavy whittle effect or a light color, I throw in a bid. About 67% of the time I score a killer heavily whittled or bubbly piece for a song. It amazes me how pathetic some pics are, and showing a bottle in the green grass is almost deceptive. The bushy grass shots are pretty tough and kind of funny. DM

  2. Not to also mention that out of over 17,000.00 listings in Antique pre 1900 16,500.00 or more are junk that most bottle diggers would have left in the hole.........AAAAAARRGGGGHHH

  3. Bottle snobs suck yes that means you