Monday, April 7, 2014

Digging News

Just in from Cal49er:

  Here is a bottle one very lucky digger pulled out 10 days ago.   We had hiked up a canyon about 2 miles and were looking for sites.  Found a nice bowie knife, an opium pipe and on the way out decided to check a site with 30's trash visible.
,You know there were only so many flat spots to camp on.   Well out came a Lea and Perrins and we almost stopped digging. Next came a black,  another Lea and Perrins, a couple of Pierces Favorite Prescriptions and  another black.
Then an open pontiled med and next to it a variant 1 Lacours,  dead mint not a scratch in very light honey amber.  Last was a small 7 inch pickle.  I guess it's nice to be rewarded for persistence .  
Very happy campers that day!

I keep saying there is still a lot of good stuff to be found. If you put in the time and keep plugging along you will be rewarded. Yep, I like to hear about happy campers!
- rs -


  1. Excellent in all regards! High fives!

    The only thing that trumps having a Lacquor's in your collection, is having dug it yourself!

    And you reinforce what I've said since I started digging nearly 50 years ago; "once a good spot, always a good spot"!


  2. Appears to be a variant 2 Lacour' s Sarsapariphere Bitters example. Very nice.

  3. I was not sure it was a variant 1 only a guess. I know it is dead mint with only a water rinse. Love that high country glass. Cal 49er

  4. Wow...... killer find Max !! Congrats