Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Those Darn Curved " R's "

Western, Eastern and English bottles with curved R's
Dr. Henley's OK Bitters with fancy supporting leg curved R's


 Sand's Sarsaparilla circa 1860's curved R's
Canker Syrup with interesting western looking R's
Dr Harvey's Blood Bitters with curved R's almost identical
to the Canker Syrup R's

After talking to several western collectors this past weekend the general consensus seems to be the curved R is a product of several mold makers from the west, east and even England. Not a sure fire way to judge where the bottle was blown or who cut the mold.


  1. I don't understand the continued discussion of the curved R. Yes there are multiple curved R bottles from different states and even countries, but there is only one WESTERN curved R that is incredibly distinct. The western curved R can't be mistaken ! All these other curved R and not even close.

  2. Ahhh The curved R debate continues. It is obvious that there are many styles of embossing and the treatment of the leg on the letter R is one which comes in many styles as well. It does seem that the western mold design is a little different than the others, and combining several factors such as glass quality, where dug ,researching the brand and other glass characteristics plays in to this. In the words of a well known politician, " I know it when I see it". Dale M.