Thursday, May 23, 2013

Persistence Pays

I had a couple of free hours Monday morning so I grabbed the detector and headed for a gold rush camp near town that I have been detecting for years. Over the years I have detected this site probably a dozen times.
Every time I visit this site I remove more of the useless metal around where the cabins (or tents) were located.The second time I detected this spot, with an un-named collector of gold rush era artifacts from Auburn, I found a portion of the wreath section of a gold rush belt buckle pictured below

I wasn't on the same site Monday morning for more than an hour when up popped the wreath pictured below

Now if I could just get lucky enough to find the tongue that goes with this wreath..........

You can bet I will be back to this same old site every chance I get

Portion of a stamped brass gold rush buckle with reeded edge around the wreath and a reeded  belt loop. 
I hope all of you fellow collectors have a great Memorial Day weekend and if you get a chance get out and do some digging or detecting or even some flea market or yard sale trips...There are still plenty of collectibles waiting for someone to find them!

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