Saturday, May 18, 2013

Just in from Chuck Erickson

It never fails as soon as you mention that nothing new is being found......

Incredible green aqua Levings Sarsaparilla and Rose Willow

with double collar applied top

Side view of the Rose Willow

The base almost appears to have an open pontil

Congratulations Chuck on a great find!
(now if I can just find the picture of the one in my collection....-rs)

The Levings Sarsaparilla and Rose Willow along with a Levings Hoarhound sitting on my shelf - rs


1 comment:

  1. Now THAT is a KILLER medicine! These are rare as it is, but with an applied top you can count on one hand! In green you would likely only need one finger. Did he dig it, or find it in a box of mayonnaise jars? WOW! DM