Friday, November 2, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

The Bryant's "cone" Stomach Bitters

Congratulations to a fellow western collector on the recent acquisition of one of the rarest and most desirerable of the early bitters bottles - The Bryant's Stomach Bitters cone style variant with pontil base. At this time I do not have any details on the acquisition but thought all of you would enjoy sharing the excitement of adding a very desirable bottle to your collection.

G.N.W. Bryant created what has become one of the most sought after bitters containers in the bottle collecting community. These bottles were manufactured in the east and it is believed distributed exclusively in the west during the years 1857 – 1861. The firm of William Newell & Co, an early San Francisco wholesale liquor house, were the agents for Bryant’s Stomach Bitters on the Pacific Coast.

In his advertisements Bryant claimed his bitters were an unrivaled stomach corrector and had no equal at restoring the vital energy of the entire system. He recommended a half a glass of his wine bitters before meals to impart a keen relish for food.
I believe there are less than a dozen of the cone bitters in original or repaired condition in private collections

The Two Bryant's Products
Bryan't's Ladies Leg and Cone Bitters
Meyer Collection