Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the flipside of the "Flood Gates" I picked this labeled Western spice bottle for about $20 including postage. I haven't added a Western spice to my collection in perhaps 20 years. Hopefully the label hasn't flaked off into dust by the time it arrives in the post. Just as aside has anyone else been locked out of making comments on google blogs? I can't post a comment on any blog whatsoever.


  1. Interesting label. It's always neat to see who was selling the Western "slicks" that we so often dig here in Ca. Marden was partnered quite a bit earlier with Folger, and an embossed open pontiled spice bottle with the names Marden & Folger exists, although it's super E.R. !


  2. I think you got a great deal on that piece of history!