Monday, July 6, 2009

The Shard Table

Pictured above is a table full of "criers" that was on display at a recent get together.
3 Lacour's, a California Clubhouse base, Baker & Cutting pickles, 2 large Rosenbaums, 1 small lettered Renz, 2 Cassin's and shards of other rare western bottles can be seen on the table. Just an awesome display of broken western glass!


  1. That IS an amazing array of shards. You dont just find pcs like that in a few yrs of diggin privies. I would imagine, that's probably 30 plus yrs of Western diggin


  2. It's 37 years of shards to be exact AP and only about half of the killer shard collection I managed to save over the years. An array of information can be gleamed from shards and to me is an important part of the hobby. The open pontil, golden amber "Baker & Cutting" is full of seed bubbles and the big daddy tear jerker here. It was recovered 12' down from a huge boarding house privy. It was whole when it went in as it was laying busted in place only to be crushed by a tea pot that was found sitting on top of it. This one would of been the ultimate Western bottle.