Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Mystery and a Boerhaave's!

Here is a shard that was sent in from Rob Goodson, it is a partial panel from a square style bottle. It was dug along with a Dr. Boerhaave's Stomach Bitters example below.
This Boerhaave's example is in a terrific olive color, which I have never seen before. There are approximately 11 examples of this bottle currently in western collections, most being the dark green with a couple in old amber.
This is another bitters product which was advertised briefly. Three different advertisements were found for this product in four different newspapers. The earliest advertisement shows Siegfried Wertheimber as the agent at 311 Commercial St, San Francisco, this ad began on March 7th, 1868 and ran several times in the San Francisco Daily Dramatic Chronicle paper. This product was also advertised in the Los Angeles paper in 1868 by a local druggist. It was also marketed in Oregon by Millard & Van Schuyver agents in the Portland Morning Oregonian paper from May 15th, 1868 thru January 28, 1869. Again S. Wertheimber was the agent in S.F. The last advertisement shows S. Wertheimber & L. Waterman in an ad, where there location was now 219 Commercial St, S.F.
(The ads promoted this product by using a testimonial from a Prof. Hildebrand, a distinguished Physician of Vienna, who has used them for thirty years.)


  1. Warren,
    The shard in the first picture appears to be a VOLDNER'S AROMATIC SCHNAPPS. The Voldner's with the iron pontil base has that type lettering.

  2. If you attend the Pomona show this wknd, you will see a glued-together Boerhaave's in very light olive-amber that I dug and sent down for the R.I.P. display !

  3. Thanks for solving that puzzle G.O Blake! I will indeed be at the Pomona show and look forward to eyeing that Boerhaave's example. Sounds like an interesting RIP display may be available for viewing. Anytime I can view early western glass I'm up to it, thanks A.P. Hotaling!

  4. Warren: Thanks for posting the pics and thanks to G.O. for solving the small shard mystery. Both pieces were found in southern Oregon many years ago.
    -Rob Goodson

  5. One of my diggin' buds dug a busted green Boerhaave's on Saturday, along with a ladies leg Bryants in the same shape. Too bad that most of the nice bitters, except Renz's, that we dig are "brokeroos". Garbage wines and black ales survive in great numbers, but not the bottles that really count.

  6. LOL. Didn't know my daughter was posting here.