Saturday, August 15, 2020


Jumping into the mix of chemists who concocted a face cream for Victorian women living in the West, the druggist, Henry Bowman, of Oakland, California, decided on giving his product a name as pure as the driven snow. Competition was rough in this cosmetic field, with Camelline, and Crème de Lis being the top competitors. He decided on copying the idea of traditional cobalt blue glass bottles for his creme and gave it the name of Beautiful Snow.

 Bowman's Beautiful Snow bottle.

Bowman applied for, and received, a trademark with the California Secretary of State, for the name on November 16, 1883, as Trademark No. 1047. Examples of the bottle are fairly scarce and advertising for the product could not be found in newspapers any later than 1884. This is somewhat of a puzzle as Bowman well understood the value of advertising. Perhaps sales were not up to his expectation and he pulled it from the market.



The label for Beautiful Snow as submitted with his trademark registration.

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