Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Any dedicated collector of western glass is familiar with Warren Friedrich's book on the subject. He spent many hours in libraries and poring over microfilm machines. But, no one can find it all. Below is yet another article on a visit to the San Francisco Glass Works, which was published in September 1872. There are some interesting observations that help piece together the activities of the works. 

The second item is a very interesting advertisement of the same vintage and from the same document, the PACIFIC COAST MERCANTILE DIRECTOR(Y). Yes, it is not really a directory but called a "Director". I don't really know what the word means in this context, but the ad contains some very interesting information about bottles and molds. It looks like a standard lettered bottle mold would cost about $25.00, or about two weeks wages for a working person.

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  1. An incredible insight into both SF Glass and the production techniques employed. Percentage of ingredients, colorizing agents, pay scale and production quantities as well as pay scale. All things I'd never come across in my close to sixty years in the western glass arena. Killer stuff Eric!