Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Whisky Display

Thinking about redoing the top western whiskey display at Reno 2020 .Would collectors be willing to put their high value bottles in a display??


  1. The Top 25 kind of display, or "Top" Examples? Either would be interesting. I'd personally rather see crude and colorful examples of common to scarce Fifths than rare but largely plain/damaged/overcleaned fifths. But I know there are some slayers of the Top 25 out there. As long as we clearly define what can be entered that would get my vote. If we wanted to get more specific, a TeaKettle shootout would be awesome, as would full-face Cutters (non-crowns), or Bears. As for Flasks, Miller's or AAA's would be really interesting.

    Other thoughts could include:
    1. Greenest Fifth, Greenest Flask
    2. Crudest Fifth, Crudest Flask
    3. Rarest Fifth, Rarest Flask
    4. Overall Best Fifth, Most Outstanding Flask

    ~J.F. Cutter

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  3. Display or shootout? A display only would be best. A wide range of western whiskies from glob tops to tooled tops, 5th's, 6th's and flasks. If its going to be a western whiskey theme, why not go BIG and have a display that will knock everyone's socks off. A once in a life time chance to bring together the best of the best in western whiskies. I have a whiskey box collection and I know you do to Richard ....see where I'm going with this, hint hint.

  4. I like the idea of a display of whiskey bottles reminiscent of the Downieville-John Thomas display. Each collector had a lighted section in the display for their bottles. This display can include "top 25" whiskeys, killer examples of more often seen bottles, and extremely rare slugplates and other non "top 25", all in one large display.

  5. Just a thought, but another option could be a western bitters display with the same format...